Centre for Ecoliteracy

“We do not need to invent sustainable human communities. We can learn from societies that have lived sustainably for centuries. We can also model communities after nature’s ecosystems, which are sustainable communities of plants, animals, and microorganisms. “Since the outstanding characteristic of the biosphere is its inherent ability to sustain life, a sustainable human community must be designed in such a manner that its technologies and social institutions honour, support, and cooperate with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life.” This quote is from Fritjof Capra, the Founder of the Centre for Ecoliteracy. The Center for Ecoliteracy is a leader in the [...]

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Nature Deficit Disorder

Most people spend about 95 percent of their time inside: in houses, cars, shops, cafes and offices. We are becoming an indoor species increasingly shut off from sky, land, waterways, plants and animals. Nature is becoming more and more abstract to us. We are disconnected from it and yet we are still very much part of it because everything we do affects it. The problem is severe for our children who now spend up to eight hours each day in front of a TV or computer and less and less time in nature. Author Richard Louv describes what he calls “nature [...]

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