The GreenKiwi programme will include different courses that target different years/curriculum levels.

Whilst the courses relate to each other and dovetail with the New Zealand Schools Curriculum they are self-contained in the sense that they will teach a discrete topic in it’s entirety.

The primary school courses will be broken down into a series of 10 modules. This fits in with the structure a 10 week term. However the course can be run to suit your schedule, for example the course could be run over a two week period – one module a day.


Course 1:

Spaceship Earth

Years 7-8
Curriculum levels 4-5

Available here now


Course 2:

More good with less stuff

Years 3-4
Curriculum levels 1-2
Launch 2022-2023

Course 3:

Sustainability at home

Years 4-6
Curriculum levels 3-4
Launch 2022-2023

Course 4:

Sustainable development

Years: 9-10
Curriculum levels 5-7
Launch 2022-2023

Course 5:

Climate Change

Years: 7-8
Curriculum levels 4-5
Launch 2022-2023