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Sustainable Development

The ‘Sustainable Development’ course will be developed for Year 9 and 10 students (Curriculum levels 4-5).

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework students will discover what sustainable development is and how it can be achieved.

Draft outline of the modules:

1 Introduction
  • What does development mean?
  • How does human/social development relate to economic development?
  • How does consumption relate to development?
2 Local consumption
  • How do we make decisions about what we consume?
  • The difference between needs and wants.
3 Global consumption
  • Measuring consumption with ecological footprint.
  • Compare ecological footprint between rich and poor countries
4 Global development
  • What is a developing country?
  • How do rich countries affect the way poor countries develop.
  • Can all countries have high consumption levels? If yes, how? If no, how can it be fair.
5 Global trade
  • How do our consumption choices here affect people in other countries economically?
  • Globalisation versus localisation. How do our choices affect producers in our own country.
6 Ethical or unethical
  • How do our choices affect or make a difference to human rights in producer countries?
7 Health and safety
  • What are the factors that make a choice safe and healthy, for producers and consumers?
8 Think globally
  • The global environmental impacts of consumption
9 Act locally
  • What are the factors that make a choice environmentally sustainable?
10 Global citizenship
  • How can we make good decisions?